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Natural Profile 18/12

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Omega-3 Care Natural 18/12 (18% EPA / 12% DHA) delivers uniquely pure omega-3 fish oil that reflects the fatty acid profile of the fish from which it is derived (primarily sardines, anchovies and herring). Most natural-profile 18/12 oils are minimally detoxified, bulk-produced oils. Omega-3 Care Natural 18/12 has been molecularly distilled and thoroughly detoxified to ensure maximum safety and health support.

Clinical Application: The ideal formula for patients who would benefit from a natural, unconcentrated omega-3 fish oil product. Epidemiological evidence suggests that fatty acids, other than EPA and DHA, may also promote good health, especially of the skin, hair, and eyes.

Unique Attribute: Highly purified, no-repeat, natural fatty-acid profile omega-3 fish oil.

120 softgel bottle

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