VX Omega-3 Fish Oil
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VX Omega-3 Fish Oil

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The importance of purity in fish oil cannot be overstated. Many low price products just don’t take the steps necessary to remove the toxins and impurities found in fish. There are multiple steps in a true quality process ranging from vacuum (molecular) distillation (which removes contaminates) to winterization/deodorization that removes other impurities and enhances the sensory characteristics.

VX–Omega 3TM goes through these processes as it is produced at one of only four pharmaceutical-licensed facilities in the world. Now, many companies say they go through this process, and there are a number that do, but typically, VX-Omega 3TM tastes much better. There is less fishy smell and much less “burping up” than other formulas. This is one sign of quality.

VX-Omega 3TM not only is subjected to rigorous processes but also goes through the scrutiny of post-manufacturing testing for EPA/DHA content and for impurities. This gives us the confidence that when it is administered to pets, they will reap the ultimate benefits.

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