How to Know When Your Gut is Out of Whack and Needs Probiotics ASAP!

If you, along with many others, have ever dealt with day-ruining digestive health issues (ahem: constipation and gas) and had to unbutton your pants after eating out (hello bloating), you may want to ask yourself: “should I be taking a probiotic? The answer is YES. Nathalie Rhone gives us the lowdown on the obvious and not-so-obvious clues that our digestive system could use a lift from a probiotic.

Okay, so when you’re dealing with bloating (or worse) shortly after mealtime, the gut-and-wellness connection is pretty obvious. But, when your body is sending you hints that your gut is out of balance through your complexion or mood, it can be hard to spot.

Here’s why it might be connected “The gut microbiome is incredibly complex and is connected to our immune system, mood, weight, digestion, and overall ellbeing,” Rhone says. An unbalanced gut could potentially lead to issues such as poor skin conditions, mood swings and fatigue.

Another clue that your microbiome might be run-down is if you’ve ever been on antibiotics, which Rhone considers one of the most common causes of a gut that’s run-down. “Antibiotics wipe out both the bad and good bacteria that colonize your gut, throwing the microbiome way off-balance,” she says. Some other probiotic killers can be excessive sugar intake, drinking tap water (chlorine and fluoride), GMO foods, eating too many whole grains, and emotional stress.

So, can taking probiotics help? Eliminating foods and toxins that feed bad bacteria and consuming probiotic-rich foods and supplements can be a great way to maintain healthy nutrient absorption and immune system. For healthy adults, boosting the number of do-gooder microbes with a probiotic supplement can support digestive function and give your overall wellbeing a boost. “I recommend that most of my healthy clients take a daily probiotic supplement,” she says. “Yes, we get probiotics through some foods but it’s also helpful to take a supplement to make sure our gut is loaded with the healthy bacteria we need for optimal health.”


Source: Well Good Editors. What Are The Signs Your Gut Is Out-Of-Whack And Can Be Improved With Probiotics? 8 Jan. 2019,

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