Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential because our bodies cannot effectively produce them. These critical fats play multiple roles in physiology, including:

  • Building well functioning cells
  • Controlling inflammation and immune activity 
  • Promoting healthy blood lipid levels
  • Supporting eye health and neurological activity
  • Active role in intercellular communication

Knowing that our bodies don’t make the omega-3 fatty acids that are critical for health, it is obvious that that daily dietary intake should be robust. Many experts recommend approximately two grams of omega-3 intake per day. Eating plenty of fresh wild caught seafood is very healthy, but to meet or exceed two grams of omega-3, we would have to eat more than a pound of fatty fish (anchovies, salmon, sardines, herring, cod livers) per day. For most of us, the best approach to achieving healthy omega-3 intake is to supplement our diets with a pure, high-quality omega-3 supplement.

3Care omega-3 ingredients are custom made in Norway and Germany and are produced in Pharmaceutically licensed facilities. Every formula will deliver all the known benefits of omega-3 fatty acids (heart, eyes, brain, immune activity). However, each formula has points of uniqueness that manifest advantages for supporting specific organs and achieving desired health outcomes.

See the table below to determine which 3Care omega-3 formula is right for you!


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