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Prescription Strength Omega-3

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This advanced formula delivers the same omega-3 ratio and levels shown in clinical trials to lower triglycerides and improve HDL cholesterol levels. The omega-3 in Prescription Strength is highly concentrated through molecular distillation to increase the levels of EPA and DHA. Each 1.2 gram softgel delivers 720 mg of EPA, DHA, and other omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 Care Prescription Strength retails for about 25% of the cost of the most common prescription option.

About the Product

  • 3Care® Prescription Strength delivers the dosage and ratio shown in multiple scientific studies to be extremely effective for cardiovascular heallth
  • Highly Concentrated through Molecular Distillation to increase the levels of EPA and DHA to therapeutic levels
  • Custom made in Norway by Pronova Biopharma®
  • 3rd Party Tested by Eurofins Labs: Certified Free of Toxins, Molds, Heavy Metals, Mercury, and Pesticides
  • Similar to the most prescribed fish oil in the world for improving cardiovascular health markers

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