Cod Liver Oil Superfood and Healthy Immunity

Cod Liver Oil dha EPA fish oil omega-3 Vitamin A vitamin D

The human immune system is an extraordinarily complex and intricate combination of organs, cells, and signaling factors. Our immune systems can be roughly compartmentalized into two categories; innate and acquired.  The innate immune system is made up of the organs, cells, antibodies, and signaling proteins such as cytokines that we are born with. The acquired, or adaptive immune system, largely refers to the immune components, primarily various antibodies, that our immune cells make in response to exposure to pathogens such as viruses and bacteria over the course of our lifespans.

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Higher Doses of Omega-3 Supplements May be Needed for Reduced Cognitive Decline

For years, a scientific puzzle has challenged researchers attempting to fight and potentially reduce Alzheimer's disease, a common and incurable form of dementia.

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The Effect of Omega-3 Deficiency on Brain Health

Most people do not realize that, with a few exceptions, most of the global adult population is experiencing an unprecedented deficiency of omega-3 (eicosapentaenoic acid; EPA and docosahexaenoic acid; DHA) dietary intake and therefore of functional physiological status (1). 

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Farmed Salmon Is Not a Good Source of Omega-3

A recent Scottish study shows that levels of omega-3s halved in farmed fish the past five years.

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How to Know When Your Gut is Out of Whack and Needs Probiotics ASAP!

If you, along with many others, have ever dealt with day-ruining digestive health issues (ahem: constipation and gas) and had to unbutton your pants after eating out (hello bloating), you may want to ask yourself: “should I be taking a probiotic? The answer is YES. Nathalie Rhone gives us the lowdown on the obvious and not-so-obvious clues that our digestive system could use a lift from a probiotic. Okay, so when you’re dealing with bloating (or worse) shortly after mealtime, the gut-and-wellness connection is pretty obvious. But, when your body is sending you hints that your gut is out of balance through...

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